5 Places To Celebrate Birthday In Las Vegas Author: Jennifer-Broflowski      

When celebrating a birthday, whether it is your twentieth or your fortieth, there is no place like Vegas. There are several hotels and restaurants, perfect for celebrating your special occasions with friends, family and often strangers.

So here we go, the top five places to celebrate your birthday in the city Las Vegas!

Number 1: Bellagio Las Vegas

If you are looking for an extremely luxurious weekend to celebrate your birthday, the Bellagio in Las Vegas is the hotel to book. You are able to buy the plane ticket to Las Vegas and book a room at the Bellagio as a package deal. If you are a AAA Member, you receive 10% off your hotel room, and offers from different agencies are everywhere so make sure to check and see if any of your memberships offer any deals.

You can choose anything from a simple room, (although not a single room at the Bellagio truly is simple) to booking yourself a suite to truly treat yourself for the special occasion. The hotel offers entertainment such as the botanical garden or the gallery of fine art. There are several restaurants in the hotel, where you can find delicious dishes.

Number 2: The Vdara Hotel & Spa

If you want to celebrate your birthday with a luxurious weekend, but cannot afford staying at the Bellagio, the Vdara Hotel & Spa is the perfect thing for you. Just like at the Bellagio, you can order the plane ticket and the hotel room as a package.

The hotel is very good at arranging the hotel rooms for special occasions, so if you want to surprise a loved one, Vdara is the place to go. Anything from rooms inspired by love, to beds inspired by bears. Roses, tropical flowers and seasonal flowers can also be arranged if that is wished for. It really is a fantastic place to spend a few nights to celebrate someone you love.

Number 3: The Mandalay Bay Resort 

Yet another fantastic place to celebrate your birthday. Either plan it yourself, or surprise someone you love. At the hotel you can experience the king of pop’s music and dancing, taking you, the audience, through a montage of musical and visual elements. A great place for the Michael Jackson fan, or anyone else.

Plane ticket and hotel room can be bought as a package. It would not be a resort without a beach, and Mandalay delivers with the Mandalay Bay Beach. It is world famous for its aquatic playground with real sand and rentable cabanas. A great place for the guy or girl who loves the exotic celebration.

Number 4: The Signature MGM Grand

The hotel offers anything from a normal hotel room to a deluxe balcony suite, as well as a tasty $30 breakfast every single morning of your stay. A hotel that has everything you need for a birthday celebration, but not that much extra.

Number 5: Alize at the top of the palms

If you are looking for the perfect restaurant to celebrate your birthday, the Alize is the way to go, recommends famous travel blog. Alize offers a fantastic view over Las Vegas, and serves food from the French Contemporary cuisine. The food there is truly worthy of a king, a place you really should check out!

Kevin Poul is author of this article, his works you can also find on his travel blog.


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